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  • Where should I begin?
    Try loading one of the demos.
    Press the Demos button at the top right of your screen and have a look at the Simple Robot Example
  • A Specific Block
    The best way to learn more about what a block does it to hover your mouse pointer over it, for most blocks one will see a small bit of hovertext detailing the usage of the block.
  • Deploying Code
    1. Navigate to the script tab. (Just left of help tab)
    2. Copy the script the program has generated for you
    3. Open Netbeans on your computer. (Don't have it? View our Getting Started Guide)
    4. File > New Project
    5. Select FRC Java (Is it Missing? You might have missed step 5 in our Getting Started Guide)
    6. In the right pane, select SimpleRobotTemplateProject
    7. Then click the Next > Button
    8. Name your project (Best to avoid spaces, punctuation and symbols. Stick to numbers and letters)
    9. Pick a location to store your new project (ie: My Documents)
    10. ***It is important to enter the following EXACTLY as they appear. (Just the Italicized part)
    11. Project Package: edu.team2648.frcEasyJ
    12. Robot Class: MyRobot
    13. Click the Finish button. Netbeans will now create your robot project.
    14. On the left side of your screen you should see the project you just created with two things under it. src and build.xml
    15. Click the small plus next to src
    16. Then the plus next to edu.team2648.frcEasyJ
    17. Now you should see : Double click it (Open for editing)
    18. This is the default code that is provided for you for simple robot projects. We are going to replace it with the code generated for us.
    19. Edit > Select All
    20. Edit > Paste
    21. Now we should save our new project. File > Save
    22. You are now ready to download code to your robot.

    Check out our Getting Started Guide to learn to download code to your cRio robot controller.
  • Copying Blocks
    One can easily copy blocks by holding the ctrl key on one's keyboard and dragging the block they wish to copy.
    NOTE: all blocks that are attached to the block will also be copied.
  • What characters are allowed where?
    • int: An integer socket can contain any whole number value [0-9] with or without a sign (-)
    • string: A string can contain any character, digit or symbol except the double quote: (")
    • decimal: A decimal value can contain any integer value and the dot (.)
    • varname: For ease of programming: varnames can only contain letters (a-z and A-Z) and the underscore character(_)
  • Send your feedback and Suggestions here